Dreaming and Receiving in October

October is a special month unlike any other. It seems that a variety of activities have been waiting to be entertained all year - pumpkin and gourd picking, jack o'lantern carving and pumpkin seed roasting, fall festivals, haunted houses, and long strolls among misty paths. We experience the thinning of the veil, what can be thought of as a curtain in between worlds - a fabric that knits our daily reality. When this lifts, the knots between our world and sthe spirit world loosens and we are the deepen our connection with magic and the divine.

There are many different rituals that can be performed during the month of October to connect with self, ancestors, and the veil - all of which ask us to stay grounded and connected to nourishing ourselves, our inner light, and our paths. Trick or Treating, something that may seem like novelty now, is actually a long coveted ritual. Giving candy to children is considered to be good luck, as children are brilliant at manifesting. Children are connected to Mercury, which is known as the Gatekeeper to all energy. We know treats, but as far as tricks are concerned…in tales, Mercury shows itself as trickster presenting itself as either a child or an old man.

This is only one tale about trick or treating, however the tradition goes a ways back in history. This month asks us to interact with our curiosity about life and stories, the old ways, to be open to mystery, and it invites us to lean into rest to continue deepening our work and keeping our inner fire's lit. Mugwort, our herb ally for the month, helps us to relax into a state of being that may be open to the impossible.


Mugwort, the herb of dreamers, seerers, and visionaries. This plant has been used for many different workings such as guidance, protection, ceremonial and ritual work, and for opening up psychic pathways and third eye connection. Mugwort is powerful medicine of the divine feminine, holding wise knowledge of the past, present, and future. Taken internally, Mugwort can aid in balancing a menstrual cycle, benefit in nervous system as both a stimulant or tonic.

When using Mugwort (or any plant/herb for that matter) it is important to be intentional with what you are trying to achieve, especially with dreaming - as well as to give thanks and gratitude for the plant and its powerful medicine and magic.

Visionary Dream Pillow

  • 1 part Mugwort

  • A pinch of sea salt

  • Optional: Add some black or pink salt

  • Set your intentions for your dream pouch, put all ingredients in a cloth bag, and place under your pillow.

The Seerer’s Gate Tea

  • 1 part Mugwort

  • 1/2 part Burdock

  • 1/2 part Cinnamon

  • 1/8 part Damiana

  • Sprinkle: Allspice & Orange Peel

  • Optional: 1/4 part Chrysanthemum

Directions for tea brewing:

Add 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water. Let tea steep for 20-30 minutes, strain, and enjoy! Herbalist tip: A french press is a great and easy way to make loose leaf herbal tea.

Dream Travel Spray:

What you will need:

  • One spray bottle

  • Florida water (Spiritual cologne)

  • One Howlite Crystal

  • A small pinch of Lavender (Not only and sleep aid but protects you as you sleep)

  • A small pinch of 5 finger grass also known as CINQUEFOIL (for luck. protection and prophetic dreams)

  • A small pinch of Echinacea (an offering to the Ancestors to ensure protection while one sleeps and dream travels and to strengthen magical recipes)

  • Add your Florida water, herbs and Howlite and shake well before using. Spray on the back of the neck and ask your Guides to show you what you need to see for your own personal growth. Be consistent.

  • Happy Dreaming!

Directions: Spray on the back of the neck before going to sleep. Set intention for what you are trying to gain during sleep and dreaming. (Recipe by one of our in-house readers Dia Nunez)

Howlite: Stone of Attunement

Howlite, also called White Buffalo, is a great ally in helping to calm the nervous system, de-stress, and help with feelings of anxiety. It is a stone of awareness and can prepare the user to receive wisdom and attunements from the higher self and the divine. Can aid in dimensional dream travel, allow a person to process old emotions, and help release attachments or cords from old emotional pain that occurred within this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. Howlite expands self-expression, eases confrontation, heightens creativity, and can help to decrease anger.

Find this lovely stone at Apothecary Tinctura, add it to your dream pillow, or make a travel spray with it!

October Blessings!

Kristin Schuch