Massage Services



2 hour $165  |  90 minutes $125

For a thoroughly body softening and mind opening massage, we recommend this favorite. Using overhead bars for balance and pressure control, the practitioner uses a variety of deep relaxing strokes to soften and release bodily tension. Translated, “ashi” means foot & “atsu”  pressure, however regular massage strokes utilizing the hands are also incorporated into the session as appropriate. 


Ashiatsu/Hot Stone                                                                                                 

2 hour $185  |  90 minutes $135

Combine the long flowing strokes of the Ashiatsu and focused released using warm basalt stones and custom-blended essential oils for a whole body healing. 


Awakening Massage                                                                                                      

2 hour $165  |  90 minutes $125

We begin with a relaxing foot bath & scrub, then you choose a pure essential oil that we blend with hazelnut oil for an invigorating massage. We wrap up this fabulous treatment with a traditional “plant brushing,” bringing you blessings of renewal and strength. 


Deep Tissue Massage                                                                     

2 hour $165  |  90 minutes $125  |  60 minutes $85

This massage is perfect for a stressed mind and tense musculature. Using deep strokes and trigger point release the body’s own healing forces are stimulated. We use moist-heat packs on your back and reflexology with hot towels on your feet to bring you comfortably back to a more balanced state of being. 


Deep Tissue/Hot Stone                                                                    

2 hour $185  |  90 minutes $135  |  60 minutes $105

A truly one of a kind treatment combining focused deep tissue work with the soothing, muscle relaxing massage of warm basalt stones. 


Lymphatic Massage                                                                          

2 hour $165  |  90 minutes $125  |  60 minutes $85

This gentle style of therapeutic massage stimulates the lymphatic system, to nourish immune function. Lymphatic drainage encourages a parasympathetic state, slowing the heart rate and breathing to relax muscles, detoxify tissues, enhance immunity, decrease stress, & rejuvenate the whole body. 


Maya AbDominal Massage                                                                 

2 hour Initial $165  |  90 minute Follow-up $125

Our most important treatment, this massage technique is a slow, gentle external massage of the abdomen and lower back that works to soften the muscles and adjust the uterus to its proper position, enhance circulation of blood, lymphatic fluids and qi. It has been used successfully as part of a holistic treatment for problems including painful periods, fertility issues, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, low backache, prolapse, post-cesarean birth healing and pre or post-operatively for pelvic healing. 


Prenatal Massage                                                                           

 2 hour $165  |  90 minutes $125  |  60 minutes $85

Our gentle side-lying pregnancy massage is designed to nurture the mother-in-the-making, relieve common prenatal discomforts and help prepare a woman’s body to give birth. Women who receive regular massages while pregnant report healthier pregnancies, stronger bodies and a deeper connection with their blossoming bellies and growing babies. 


Swedish Massage                                                                         

2 hour $165  |  90 minutes $125  |  60 minutes $85

For a nourishing, body softening, and mind opening massage experience we recommend the Swedish massage. Smooth gliding strokes, kneading and stretching, compression and friction are all combined with pure essential oils to create truly divine relaxation.