Women's Health

empowering women mind • Body • soul

Work with practitioners that specialize in the health, wholeness, and empowerment of women. Our approach is unique, our belief is absolute: you possess an innate wisdom and natural ability to heal in all the ways you seek. We are here to help facilitate the journey, supporting you in the creation of your personal path to wellness, and to help you reach your goals. 


Massage Therapy

relax • release • rejuvenate  

While some might consider a massage an indulgence, we believe it is an important part of helping the body stay strong and resilient. Massage and therapeutic touch have been shown to reduce stress, ease pain, encourage healing, and to support a greater sense of overall wellness. Our practitioners are here to support you as you comfortably release the tension from the muscular body, and find greater ease and embodiment.



Spirit & Soul Medicine

nurture the sacred self

We know that tending the spirit & soul of the self is as important as tending the physical body. Whether utilizing Reiki, rattles, traditional healing practices, plants & prayers, crystals, “journey” work, or other spirit-work practices, our practitioners will support the healing and evolution of your spirit & soul. This style of healing works to clear anything that isn't you, to make space for all that is you, and to create space and freedom for your truest self, your deepest essence, to be present. 


Botanical & Nutritional Wellness

build your foundation

True health and wellness is built on a foundation of the basics. Our belief is that food is medicine, whether it's the tea you drink or the meals you eat. By exploring your basic lifestyle and nutritional habits, with you your specific health goals in mind, we create a protocol to support your well-being in all ways. 



Community Clinic Services

cultivating whole health

We are not your everyday wellness center. Our practitioners each bring a unique set of skills and experience to our practice, but they work collaboratively to ensure you receive the best and most well-rounded care possible. We understand the value of different approaches, ideas, and options for healing. Our team is passionate about the work they do, and facilitating your best experience. You can be certain that you aren't just receiving the wisdom of one practitioner, you are receiving the support to the entire team. Explore all the many services our team offers and how it may support your specific healing desires and goals. 


Wellness Partners

Connect to our community of Wellness

We strive to support you in all the ways that we can, sometimes that means referring you to a practitioner that practices a specialty or service that we don't offer. We have created a comprehensive list of people and places we personally know, respect, and trust. 


Your appointment

We welcome you to our sacred healing space. We are here to listen to your needs and support you on your journey. Whatever your health goals may be, we are with you all the way. Here is a little of what you might expect: 

  • We will review your health history, address your current questions and devise a plan to get you going in the right direction.

  • We will provide education and guidance as you select the teas, tinctures, essential oils, or other healing allies that support your best and total health.

  • We will support your own inner wisdom and encourage you to trust the wisdom of your body.

To save time during your appointment, we encourage you to fill out your health intake paperwork ahead of time and bring it with you. 



Too often health and wellness, and the guidance that helps facilitate it, or the resources it requires feels inaccessible. We believe money should never be a roadblock on your health and healing.  Apothecary Tinctura offers several opportunities to receive the support of an herbal practitioner including free clinics, low-cost herbal consults, work-trade and barter opportunities. We encourage you to ask about these options if you need a little help. We all do now and then.  The generosity of our clients and our community makes it possible to keep our services accessible, and we are so grateful for their support.