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A place to discover, to create, to be a maker of your own story.

In 1997, Brett Cook co-founded Apothecary Tinctura as the primary medicine maker. If you ask him why he'll say it was just in his bones. He is a maker: whether that is his famous baked goods, a house, or herbal formulas nuanced with flavors and energetics, he loves the process of creating things that make people happy.

Though he didn't set out to make plant medicines, growing up in Portland, Oregon Brett was no stranger to the healing power of nature. After graduating from the Siebel Institute in 1995, life and circumstance presented him with this opportunity. He quickly  discovered that he could fuse his passion for brewing with the craft of making high quality medicinal plant extracts. Over the years Brett has studied plants, wild-crafting, medicine-making and has developed a great love for planting trees...all over Denver. He also became a Certified Aromatherapist with Kurt Schnaubelt at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Now, almost 20 years later, Brett continues to make  Apothecary Tinctura's high quality organic and sustainably crafted herbal tinctures and extracts locally in our lab. 





Apothecary Tinctura has been Denver's go-to herb shop for 21 years. We are first and foremost medicine makers. A group of dedicated herbalists and natural health practitioners, following our passion and sharing our love of plant medicine. It is our goal to create sacred space, promote healing, and do all that we can to help people discover their wisdom within and the innate healing power of the body.

Our staff is compromised of skilled community and clinical herbalists with a wide variety of experiences, education, approaches and passion for the plants and plant medicine. Not only are they custom formulating anything you need for whatever ails you, they are also skilled teachers who share their wisdom in our community classes and workshops. This is truly a community of healing and learning, dedicated to providing access, spreading the wisdom, and sharing the benefits of herbal medicine.

Why We Do What We Do

Over the years we have had 3 store locations, 4 logos, 7 different label designs, over 25 highly skilled practitioners, and some of the best herbalists in Denver. What never changes is our love and commitment to our community. We are beyond blessed to get to do what we love and our passionate about every single day. We've helped thousands of people in our community with their health and wellness needs, everything from the common cold to growing their families. Our community is what keeps us going!  



Hand-Blended locally in Denver with Intention, Connection & Integrity


Philosophy of Sustainability


OUR commitment to you

Our commitment to our collective health and the health of the earth is the core of who we are. This is what we believe that requires:

  • To craft all we do with quality and integrity.
  • To empower our community with health education and wellness tools.
  • To educate on sustainable and ethical relationships with herbal medicine, plant habitats, and earth-based healing.
  • To protect natural plant habitats and prevent over-harvesting.
  • To reduce our waste as a company. 
  • To give back to our community and to ensure access to herbal medicine for all those in need regardless of financial circumstance.
  • To only partner with those companies, community partners, makers, producers and others whose operations are aligned with our commitment to you.