Spirit Medicine

We believe that for real, meaningful and lasting healing to take place it must consider your wholeness: mind, body & spirit. Our practitioners work from the wisdom of their experience and deep knowledge of a variety of healing techniques they have to offer you. No two sessions will be the same because you are always changing. Our goal is always to meet you where you are in the moment.


Shamanic or Spiritual Healing

This powerful earth-centered approach promotes spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. It is also deeply restorative and nourishing to your nervous system. powerful earth centered modality using drums, rattles, plants, and guided journeys to connect you with your helping spirits, guides and the earth. Working in the unseen realms to restore emotional balance, to unravel chords that no longer serve you, and to create space for more wholeness. 


Holistic Energy or  Reiki Healing

This session utilizes the technique of  “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us. In this treatment your life force is balanced, chakras aligned and your body brushed with the healing spirit of plants. You will leave feeling relaxed and grounded physically and energetically. 


Ceremonial Botanical Bodywork

This session blends multiple bodywork modalities with plants, oils and stones with the intention to inspire deep healing. It works to clear anything that isn't you, to make space for all that is you. Integrating mind, spirit and body into presence with one another. This treatment can also be effective in healing spiritual or emotional dis-ease stored in the body: including grief, anger, fear, anxiety, irritability, and blocks that keep you feeling stuck and stagnant.