Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Join us in ceremony, ritual, conversation, and community during the Equinox to celebrate this time of transition, harvest, and release. Explore tools to keep your inner light glowing through the autumn season.

With: Hannah Haddadi

Cost: $15-20 Sliding Scale

New Moon Creation Ritual

In this enlivening ceremony, we welcome the energies of creation, including the New Moon and spirit of Cacao. We actively call upon our compassionate helping spirits (plants, animals, elements, & other spirit helpers). This ritual supports the clarity of our vision, nourishes our passions, give us strength & focus in the pursuit of our dreams, and grounds us in the courage to create what we seek in our own lives. This ceremony is open to all who feel called.  

Full Moon Womyn’s Ceremony

We gather in an open ceremonial circle each month under the medicine of the full moon. This gathering honors the rhythms and cycles of our lives & the divine dance of all things,the Great Mother and the Divine Feminine energies. We will explore the beauty of what has come to fullness in our lives, as well as what is ready to be released. Our circle is focused on exploring our personal journey & empowerment, healing and wholeness, and connection to spirit. This circle is open to all who feel called.  

Divination Circle with NVEILED

Join us for an evening of ceremony, spirit, and divination. Come with your open-heart & clear intentions as we connect with wise and well ones in non-ordinary reality. Deepen your relationship with your own spirit guides & your connection to yourself. 

This is a dynamic workshop that follows the guidance and flow of the divine. We will hold a safe & beautiful circle, but cannot guarantee the exact nature of what you will experience. 

The Divination circle is offered by NVEILED, and hosted at Apothecary Tinctura. Please send any questions to 


Monthly ceremonies & rituals

Suggested donation of $15 - $25 reserves your spot. Each circle’s donations are made to organizations that nourish communities, empower people, and protect the environment. Information on the specific organization is always provided during the event.

 Complete details regarding the ceremonies are emailed only to registered participants.

Full Super Moon

Full Super Moon

The Arch of Ix Chel

The Arch of Ix Chel

Ek Chuah

Ek Chuah