Ix Chel Full Moon Ceremony

We gather in an open ceremonial circle each month under the medicine of the full moon. This gathering honors the rhythms and cycles of our lives & the divine dance of all things, to the Great Mother and to the Divine Feminine. We will explore the beauty of what has come to fullness in our lives, as well as what is ready to be released. Our circle is focused on exploring our personal journey & empowerment, healing and wholeness, connection to spirit, and creating community. This circle is open to all who feel called. 


Ek Chuah Cacao Ritual

In this enlivening ceremony, we honor the chocolate deity, Ek Chuah, and the medicine of Cacao. We learn to dance with the Divine Masculine, and to open our hearts fully & safely. We give offerings to the spirits of the land, to the elements, and to those allies that guide us daily, and call upon them to support the clarity of our vision, nourish our passions, give us strength & focus in the pursuit of our dreams, and ground us in the courage to create what we seek in our own lives. Cacao opens us to receive the medicine of these healing energies and helping spirits more fully; it awakens the desires of our heart. 

Yoga Nidra

Come release layers of tension from your emotional, mental, physical, and energetic body with this ancient Yogic "Sleep" technique.  Lie down, close your eyes, and let your awareness  be systematically guided through your mind-body-energy structure. Yoga Nidra : Dream Yoga is deeply restorative and rejuvenating; a great tool for self-care, transformation, and healing. It is accessible to any age, gender, or experience, and all are welcome. 


Lunar Body 

Tap into the lunar cycle through yoga and ceremony.  Through exploration of world mythologies, astrology, the body, and healing, this series will use movement and ritual to bring awareness and intention to the cycles within our lives.  

We can tune in to the rhythms of the moon to understand our own emotional and physical cycles more deeply, and to facilitate them.  In each class of this series, we will explore the role of the moon through a different cultural lens, and connect this understanding to an aspect of our own lives.   We will practice methods of working with the energies the moon can inspire, using ceremony and yoga to align with the Lunar flow.  



Monthly ceremony & ritual
6pm - 9PM

Suggested donation of $15 - $25 reserves your spot; Donations are made to community partners on a rotating basis. Information on the organization is provided the evening of the ceremony.  

 Complete details regarding the ceremonies are emailed only to registered participants. All participants are asked to bring a potluck item to share in a community feast. 

Full Super Moon

Full Super Moon

The Arch of Ix Chel

The Arch of Ix Chel

Ek Chuah

Ek Chuah