We move out of the pharmacology of herbal medicine, we leave the constituents and chemistries, we forget the constraints of body systems. We lean into the essence, the heart, the spirit of the plants. We experience how plant baths can heal grief and flower essences can settle our soul. We listen deeply, observe patiently, and realign ourselves with the soul of nature. 


The Experience

Explore how nettle encourages deep focus, how dandelion clears and nourishes, how hawthorn nurtures natural rhythms. We will sit with the plants and learn with all of our senses what they offer us mind, body & spirit. Plants are not simply here for us, but here with us. Begin to sense, see, feel, hear, and taste the plants in a new way, as they teach and guide you in the medicine they hold. Traditional uses for healing will be discussed, like echinacea for immune support or motherwort for anxiety, but we will go beyond the typical applications to learn what else we can discover about the spirit of the plants, like the wisdom and wildness of mugwort, or how rosemary helps us to remember our truest selves.  Meet the plants in the earth as we make flower essences, plant baths, limpias, smudging and other forms of plant-based remedies. Traditional hands-on healing techniques that utilize the plants are also demonstrated, as the plants are powerful healing allies that bypass our own preconceived notions and perceptions, and enhance the healing experience. Students are supported in discovering their personal plant allies, to move toward deeper and more meaningful relationships with nature, and to feel more confident in their plant-medicine knowledge. 

The Details

May - october 2018

  • 6 Sundays, 1 -4pm, on the last Sunday of the month May thru October
  • Please dress for comfort, weather, and to get dirty.
  • Plant shears and small jars are helpful for medicine-making. 
  • Tea, water and snacks are provided; please bring your own mug


$395 includes all required supplies, tea and snacks; $200 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot.

Please email questions to