Community Herbalists


MEgan Anderson, Shop Manager

Megan is an artist and herbalist with a passion for the conservation of medicinal plants. She began her herbal studies in Virginia at the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine, and continued with the Clinical Herbal Apprenticeship at Apothecary Tinctura. Megan also spent an incredible summer studying bio-regional herbalism with Mountain Plant Medicine here in Colorado. In her downtime she can be found in the woods hanging out with the fairies.  

We feel so lucky to have this kind, compassionate, and magical leader here at the shop. 



Hannah Hadaddi

Hannah is a spoken word poet and writer pursuing an education in holistic health and human services. She holds deep curiosity, gratitude, and love for mother nature, plants, and the human connection. Hannah is very interested in the power of owning and speaking one’s truth, which she finds for herself within performance, art, and teaching. Her dream is to be able to incorporate the many aspects of healing that she has learned through experience and education into her work and one day as a health practitioner.


Adrian Mintzmyer, CN, CH

Adrian is a certified nutritionist, certified clinical herbalist, and botany enthusiast. He originally trained in bioregional herbalism at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies in Eugene, OR.  He then moved to Boulder to get his Nutrition and Clinical Herbalism Certifications at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. His key values around health and healing work include:

  • Trusting a person’s own wisdom about their body
  • Respecting diverse identities and experiences
  • Body-positivity and health at every size
  • Holistic approaches to health that acknowledge structural violence
  • Being trauma-informed
  • Accessibility/affordability
  • Harm reduction