Wild Rose Medicine

The question isn't what you can do with Rose, it's what can't you do! Here are a few of our favorite Rose Recipes just for you! 

Rose Infused OilRose Infused Oil

  • Fill a clean 8oz jar almost full with dried rose petals (freshly dried are best if you can get them).
  • Cover with your choice of carrier oil; we like apricot kernel or sweet almond. Any organic unscented oil will work well. Be sure your oil covers all the plant material. Label with date and ingredients used (trust us!).
  • Let your infusing oil sit for 4 weeks... a moon cycle is perfect and magical for you oil.
  • Shake the oil daily, and then strain through cheesecloth. Store in a clean amber glass jar. 
  • Infused oils can be used alone for massage & skincare; they are also excellent to use in your salves, lotions, on other concoctions calling for oil. 

Rose Lip Salve

  • 2TBSP Rose Infused Oil
  • 4TBSP Beeswax 
  • 2TBSP Shea Butter 
  • 1 tsp Coconut Oil 
  • 1/8 tsp Rose Essential Oil
  • Combine beeswax, shea & coconut oils in a glass beaker, bowl, or double boiler. Heat slowly over low heat until melted. Add rose infused oil & rose essential oil; pour into lip balm pots or containers. This recipe makes 6-8 salves. 
  • You can adapt this recipe to make a super moisturizing and soothing face balm by removing the beeswax and using jojoba to infuse your rose oil. 

Fresh Rose Glycerin

  • Fill a clean jar with fresh organic/non-sprayed roses
  • Cover the roses completely with glycerin
  • Let this mixture sit for 4-6 weeks; shaking daily. Add glycerin as needed to keep the roses completely covered
  • Strain the cheesecloth. With clean hands squeeze out all the glycerin you are able.  
  • Bottle, label and enjoy!
  • You can take this glycerin daily as a tonic, add a little to teas are as a flavoring in recipes, or however, else you can creatively think to incorporate this delicious heart happy elixir.

Rose Nourishing Spray

  • 3P Rose Hydrosol
  • 1P Rose Glycerin
  • optional add essential oils or flower essences 
  • Combine ingredients in a spray bottle, shake well, spray often! Can be used on the body or in the space.