Summer Infusions & Refreshing Recipes!

School's out, temps are rising, the garden is in full-swing, it's summer time! We love switching up our daily tea ritual with herbal sun teas and infused waters. These are easy to make, refreshing and totally tasty. So whether you're headed out for a hike, a picnic, or a BBQ here are some of our favorite recipes you can throw together in a pinch!

Megan's Megan's Sun Kissed Tea

  • Simply combine the following in a Jar and let steep out in the sun. Strain and pour! Want to take it to an event? Leave the plants in and simply add ice! 
  • 2p Lemongrass
  • 3/4p  Fresh Ginger Root (dried works too)
  • 1/3p Licorice (or a dab of honey  will also do for a little something sweet)

Lucresia's Rosie Cheeks Tea

We love this rosy red zinger! Simply blend your herbs together and mix well. Add 1 Tbsp per 8oz of water to a muslin tea bag. Throw the tea bag in to steep to your desired taste. This one is GORGEOUS in a glass container, and you can add a few springs of lemon balm too, because why not have fresh plants in your everything you serve?!

  • Hibiscus 3p
  • Marshmallow Root 2p
  • Nettle 2P
  • Rose hips 1p
  • Licorice 1/2 p

Kristin's Lavender Mint Water

Ever find yourself starring at your garden and wanting to find a new way to experience your plants? Well here you go! Simply add a few sprigs of Lavender & a few sprigs of Mint to your water bottle and drink! You can make it a little extra special by adding a splash of lavender hydrosol and a splash of peppermint hydrosol too. Wondering where to pick-up your hydrofoils? We've got you covered! 

Kristin Schuch