Welcome to our Classes & Workshops 


We have a little something for everyone, and a truly unique experience. It is our goal to provide you with the information and experience that inspires your passion for natural healing and plant medicine, enhances your sense of community and encourages your desire to integrate wellness into your life. Here are a few things to know when you come to class:

  • Bring a mug...we are always brewing tea and love to share it with you. And feel free to bring anything else you might need to be comfortable. 
  • We like to show, taste, test, try, make, and otherwise help you experience plants, oils, teas, tinctures, or whatever we might be discussing. Oh, and we want you to have samples to take home! Your class registration includes ALL class supplies and creative materials unless otherwise noted. 
  • You receive 10% of any shopping the night of a class, so you can pick-up your supplies and keep the fun going at home!
  • Drop-ins are welcome, but pre-registration is encouraged, as class sizes are limited. 
  • Please note our class cancellation policy: No cash refunds. Deposits are non-refundable for all classes. Class credit will be given for single night class if cancelled within 48 hours, and for series class cancelled 7 days prior to start date. 

Essences of marshmallow, self heal, and datura under a full moon. 

Essences of marshmallow, self heal, and datura under a full moon. 

Talismans, Totems & Ritual Tools
NEW DATE AUGUST 18th                                                 6:30 - 9:00pm
Spend an evening deep in the medicine of our animal & plant totems, crafting talismans, smudge fans and smudge bundles, and rattles. Crafting our tools helps to nourish our partnerships with their healing energies, and a ceremonial blessing helps to fully infuse the talismans with their totem medicines. 
Cost: $65




Foundation of Herbalism

Deepen your understanding of natural remedies in our foundations of herbalism courses. Each series class helps you balance and integrate your knowledge of herbal medicine, aromatherapy & holistic healing. These courses are run throughout the year and are intended to build your knowledge base for personal & community applications. 

Foundations of Aromatherapy
A full sensory experience, this class is a journey into the sophisticated yet simple art of aromatherapy. Essential oils are gentle, yet powerful, tools for creating change and supporting health. In class we will learn:
•    Methods of application & quality of oils
•    Functional groups used to classify and blend oils
•    Therapeutic use and materia medica
•    Hands-on class making hydrosol elixirs & perfumes
Cost: $200 Non-refundable Deposit: $100
With: Kim Thompson, Clinical Herbalist & Aromatherapist

Roots of Herbal Medicine: Weekend Immersion
Part of our herbal foundation series, this class is open to herbal students of all backgrounds. It is also prerequisite for the Herbal Apprenticeship program. We will explore:

  • The principles of Traditional Western Herbalism and Folk Medicine
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology, as it applies to understanding how herbs affect the body.  
  • Herbal remedies and preparations to create health and balance for each system 
  • Selecting, growing and basic herbal medicine making. 
  • Herbal tastes and formulating 

Cost: $200 Non-refundable Deposit: $100
With: Kristin Schuch, Herbal Educator

Green Pharmacy
For the beginner and herb enthusiasts alike, this class is a wonderful way to experience herbs and learn more learn to make quality herbal medicines. Why not turn your garden into a bountiful herbal pharmacy; we’ll learn to prepare and use:

  • Medicinal Teas
  • Oils and Salves
  • Liniments & Poultices
  • Vinegars & Elixirs
  • Tinctures 

Cost: $200 Non-refundable Deposit: $100, Drop-in Rate $45
With: Birch Foster, Clinical Herbalist & Brett Cook, Co-Ownder and Medicine-maker at Apothecary