Lavender Essential Oil is one of our most frequently recommended essential oils!  A must have from the home apothecary, Lavender Essential Oil is gently calming and relaxing.  As both a fabulous anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, Lavender essential oil is great for skincare, helping to heal and soothe burns, bug bites, scrapes, and most other inflamed skin conditions.

We currently stock two chemotypes of the commonly used Lavandula angustifolia (our Lavender, from Kashmir, and French Lavender) and one Lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender from Spain).  All of these options are steam distilled and certified organic.  The Lavandula angustifolias offer beautiful-smelling, classic Lavender aromas with quite comparable uses (French Lavender, though, is sometimes more highly valued for perfuming) while the Spike Lavender has a slightly camphorous aroma that makes it a nice relaxing option for colds. 

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