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We carry 4 delightfully different varieties of Eucalyptus, each containing a wonderful array of aromatic qualities. 

Eucalyptus citriodora has strong lemon and camphorous notes. It bares a strong resemblance to citronella due to its high concentration of the compound citronellal, and thus has the benefit of bug repellant qualities. 

Eucalyptus globulus is well known and has a vibrant medicinal scent. Also known as "Blue Gum," this essential oil is well know for its action on the respiratory system. This particular variety should be used sparingly and not with children, pregnant women or those with sensitive systems. 

Eucalyptus radiata is a must-have for all manor of respiratory ailments. The fragrance is inviting and less camphorous than Blue Gum. It is also much gentler and a great option for more frequent use and for children.

Eucalyptus dives is sometimes called peppermint eucalyptus. It contains all the healing qualities of its cousins but with a cooling a refreshing note. 

Organic; Steam-distilled; South Africa


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