Healing Journeys & Retreats

"It does not do to dwell on dreams... and forget to live." – Albus Dumbledore

Spirit Quest - Nature Journeys

In our dreams, in our hearts, in our souls there is a remembrance of our wholeness. We come from many lands, many traditions, but as we sit in the heart of the nature we can see evidence of universal stories, traditions, myths, and wisdom. In the beauty of these spaces, and with reverence for the original people, you are guided into the memory of our own ancestral teachings, into the memory of a time and place that you lived in greater harmony with the rhythms of your body, the spirits of land, nature, and your community. 

Journey with us, Journey to your Wholeness. 

Women's Medicine Retreats

The Wild Woman rises within you. She yearns to be healed, to be whole, to be free. Your Divine feminine searches for her path, her purpose; she seeks community and deep meaningful connection, not to anyone, but to everything. She knows that when she sits in circle and practices ceremony, when she intentionally connects to sisterhood, the earth, the moon, the plants, the elements and spirit within all things...she sits fully in the medicine and power of her true self. This Wild creature, beautiful spirit, sacred being is ready to be nurtured; she asks for nothing more than the chance to BE.