Wild Soul Medicine Apprenticeship

Wild Soul Medicine Apprenticeship

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You are hungry for a deeper connection to source, to creation, to your wholeness. You know there is no such thing as separateness; we are truly all one divine creative thread. You want to know how to weave your life differently, mindfully, intentionally. You crave magic, ceremony, ritual in your everyday day existence. You know there is something more whispering to you and you are ready to hear it. Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship is for those who are ready to take a leap of faith, to say yes to their dreams, who want to live a soul-led life. 

The Learning:

  • We start by cultivating a deeper relationship with your spiritual allies and compassionate helping spirits. That means you need to know who they are, how to connect with them, and what do with the information you receive, sense, see and feel. And we will learn basic shamanic journey work to help us do this!
  • Energy is moving within, around and thru us every single moment. It is so important to our health and wellness to know how to work with energy, energy boundaries, and energy healing. Think of this as setting up your energetic inbox, so you can send, receive, and delete messages that you no longer need.
  • Nature is a reflection of the Divine spark of creation. When you honor this medicine, the medicine of the elements, the plants, animals and mineral spirits you are working with the power of alignment and heart resonance. This is where we can drop our separateness, own our wholeness, and begin to accept our soul truths. 
  • You don't have to be healed to work with others, but you do have to be doing your work and know that healing is a continual process. This is fundamental to holding safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space. Anticipate that this apprenticeship will call to the parts of yourself that are asking for healing, restoration, freedom, release, nurturing, etc. Learn the fundamentals of doing your work and 

The Experience: 

  • 5 Friday Immersion Days, 10-4pm (Last Friday of the Month June-October)
  • 4 Community Ceremony & Rituals
  • 2 Spirit Medicine Day Retreats 
  • 2 Community Healing Sessions

Please email questions to kristin@apothecarytinctura.com

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