Herbal medicine Apprenticeship

Build your knowledge of the plants and plant-based healing, botany, ecology, medicine-making and more. Learn by doing in the real-world with hands-on applications. Empower yourself, your wellness, and your community as a community herbalist. 


PlanT Medicine & Earth Centered Healing

Learn the language of plant medicine as we listen deeply, observe patiently, and realign ourselves with the soul of nature. We experience how plant baths can heal grief or flower essences can support the realignment of our patterns.

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Wild Soul medicine

Learn to weave ceremony, ritual, the sacred into your every day life. Soul Medicine is for those that desire a deeper connection to source and spirit, to wholeness, to the creative spark within. Learn how to connect with spirit guides & spirit realms utilizing journey work, energy medicine, plant healing, shamanic art & practices, divination and the wild freedom of soul medicine. It is open to ALL and any who are earnestly and authentically committed.