Herbal medicine Apprenticeship

Build your knowledge of the plants and plant-based healing, botany, ecology, medicine-making and more. Learn by doing in the real-world with hands-on applications. Empower yourself, your wellness, and your community as an herbalist. 


Plant Spirit Medicine & Hands-on Healing

We move out of the pharmacology of herbal medicine, we leave the constituents and chemistries, we forget the constraints of body systems. We lean into the essence, the heart, the spirit of the plants. We experience how plant baths can heal grief and flower essences can settle our soul. We listen deeply, observe patiently, and realign ourselves with the soul of nature. 

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Wild Soul Medicine

Wild Soul Medicine Apprenticeship is for those who seek the unseen, who want to connect with the oneness of all things, who desire a soul-led life. It is for those who feel called to weave more magic and mystery into their work as healing practitioners. It open to ALL and any who are earnestly and authentically committed.