Health & Wellness Classes

building your knowledge

We offer classes on herbal medicine, nutrition and health & wellness for the novice and the experienced. Though you may see us offering similar classes routinely, there is always something new and different to talk about. And you can be sure that different teachers will bring their unique experience and philosophy to what the share with you! So take it once or three times, we're excited to learn and grow with you. 



Apothecary Explorations

beyond the body 

At Apothecary we explore all there is in the natural world and want to share that with you. In addition to our classes that focus on physical health and wellness, we also over classes that nurture the spirit, invite creativity, and connect you with your wholeness. 




Things to remember

Our teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you. Whether they are Apothecary Staff, or skilled teachers from our community their goal is to make sure you have a great time learning something new. Classes combine a mix of lecture and hands-on learning to help you integrate your experience. We recommend you bring a journal and pen to take notes, a mug for tea, and an open mind. Oh, don't forget we offer you 10% off all purchases the night of class so that you can pick-up supplies to keep the fun and learning going at home. Drop-ins are welcome, but cannot be guaranteed a space in the class; pre-registrating is encouraged. 

Pleases read our cancellation policy.