Botanical & Nutritional Medicine

True health and wellness is built on a foundation of the basics. Our belief is that food is medicine, whether it's the tea you drink or the meals you eat. By exploring your basic lifestyle and nutritional habits, with you your specific health goals in mind, we create a protocol to support your well-being in all ways. 


Botanical Medicine Consultation 

We are committed to your wellness and therefore offer a comprehensive initial consultation that is divided into two parts. During your first meeting with your practitioner your intake paperwork will be reviewed, current health goals & concerns will be discussed and individualized healing protocol will be created. Your follow-up is the perfect time to assess what is working for you, as well as any changes that are needed to help you feel your best. This consult is the perfect place to start for someone seeking support with specific concerns such as stress relief or sleep support. 

Initial Session & 1st Follow-up | $145

Focused 60 minute Consult | $75

60 minute Follow-up $75  | 30 minute Follow-up $45


Nutritional Wellness Consultation 

Every meal is an opportunity to receive both nourishment and pleasure. Too often modern life makes food feel like a hassle or part of a problem we have to tackle, rather than an opportunity for joy and healing. In our experience food is medicine and can be used to restore you to your most vital self. There is no one size fits all diet or dietary program that we recommend. Rather, we take an individualized approach and assess your nutritional needs, goals and desires. So whether you are healing your gut, want to loose weight, need support for fertility, or just simply want to eat better and happier a Nutritional Wellness Consultation will offer you the support, guidance, and action steps you need to achieve your goal. 

120 minute Initial Session & 1st Follow-up | $145

60 minute Follow-up $75  | 30 minute Follow-up $45


Ask the Herbalist

We can be found in the shop 7 days a week, answering all your herbal medicine and aromatherapy questions! But if you can't make it to the shop, or you need a little more support (or privacy) you can schedule a phone or email consult with one of our Community Herbalists. You will receive the same high quality healing support, but in the comfort of your own home. An 'Ask the Herbalist' consultation is perfect for those who might want a yummy sleep tea, something for that pesky cough, or your own personal aromatherapy blend! 

20 minute Consultation $15  (does not include products that may be recommended)